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Bob 2 years ago
Working late one night my female boss arrived at the office pissed apparently she realized her husband was cheating. She saw me called me to her office to vent then she started crying. One thing led to another we ended up having sex. She fucked we hard and it was revengeful for two hrs. She sucked my asshole and my dick begging me to fill her full of cum. Scared three months later she's pregnant.
Shakirakay 2 years ago
I like the way how the boss handled the secretary
2 years ago
Butterfly on hr asshole. Yikes!
Poopyjoe 2 years ago
Dudes got an absolute barrel on him
2 years ago
Very planned
Immaculate 8 months ago
I love the way he give it her
Hot Becca 2 years ago
I told my boss I couldn’t get pg ( got fixed)
so next day the a hole started : o excuse me as she rubs my ass then asked if I had panties on ! I really screwed up a huge account cost him tons $$$ , hb got fired too! Hb says that night o hon give the ole man a Bj or let him try to fuck you what can a 76 year do ! I knew hb was upset so I offered sex before I when to work ,he sure gladly took me , I left house well fucked and dripping!
Omoh 6 months ago
This is how my boss fucks me after closing hours, he will call me upstairs na ask me to arrange some files, then before u know it, his dick is in my mouth, I love how he fucks me, thank God for my boss, he knows how to treat his employees
Facial 2 years ago
He needs to finish that pikachu tattoo
Her 1 year ago
name is Karen